What is UC Browser Why it is Best

By | April 27, 2019

Web Browser is the only way we can use World Wide Web or say that you can access any Internet website and enjoy web surfing.

However, nowadays many web browsers are available such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc, every web browser is different in itself. If we talk about 10 years ago today, then Microsoft’s Internet explorer used to be used all alone. But as the Internet grew, Microsoft was unable to provide up-to-date features to its web browser.

Then it was replaced by other web browsers. Google’s web browser is the web browser used on every single platform in today’s date. The market share of different web browsers is shown on desktop below.

Now let’s take a look at smartphones’ popular web browsers too.

Chrome’s popularity is because the power that Google has Android right and Safari has the secret that Apple has the right to iPhone.

But the third number of web browsers, which is UC Browser, has nothing to do with the OS of its smartphones and this browser has succeeded on its own. Today we will talk about the features of this UC browser, that you can take great web browsing.

Features that make UC Browser better than Chrome and Safari

  1. In App Widgets (Cards)

This is a very great feature of UC Browser. In this, when UC Browser opens, you display important information cards on the first page. You can choose from your choice that you want to see which category of news or important information on the homepage of your UC browser.

  1. Cloud Boost Technology

Cloud Boost Technology is a technology that UC Browser can give you information from heavy to heavy loading websites from around the world at very low data. In this UC broswer uses its servers to deliver the data of websites to you. Their servers are very fast and you can also take advantage of internet on slow data connection.

  1. Download Manager

Download manager is a great part of UC Browser. In this you can easily manage all the documents and files downloaded through your UC Browser. It also tells you other important information such as free space in your phone and so on. It comes with all necessary features like download manager pause / resume.

  1. Customization

Most browsers do not allow you to do more customizations. You can even take the mobile version of Google’s browser chrome You will not be able to make such customizations in it as you would be able to do with UC Browser very comfortable and with a lot of options. Sponsored Ads

  1. Night Mode

Night Mode is also a great option for UC Browser. You can take it when your eyes need rest or you want to read something in the browser on your phone in the dark. This mode changes all colors in your browser accordingly so that you do not have any difficulty reading at low light.

  1. Ad Blocker

Ad-Blocker is like an addon in the UC broswer, which blocks advertisements to show on websites. If we talk about desktop broswers, there are different ad-blocker extensions for different broswers. But UC is one of the few selected web broswers in mobile web browsers, which offers it as an in-built addon.

  1. Quick Access

As there are many options in desktop web browsers, so that you can access some of the selected websites or apps very much, in the same way UC broswer in mobile can provide you with the option of quick access, which you can visit frequently Sites, etc. and can access faster in next time.

  1. Gestures

UC Browser is one of the few browsers that allows gestures. You may have seen in many media players that you can adjust things like volume and brightness by making some fixed gestures on the screen. Similarly UC Browser allows gestures to you. You can surf the web by using different types of gestures. You can use gestures like going ahead and going back in pages. This makes your user experince even better.
9 Text Only Mode

In this mode you only get textual information and not image .By this your page load faster because there is no image opened on page .Many internet users mostly want to gather information by accessing such websites that they can get some work done. But mostly on such websites media is very much. In other words, such websites are too much slow due to loading time images. What Text Only mode does is that it reduces the amount of media data that exists on the page is used, and you only provide textual information. This is a great feature for slow internet users.

  1. Add-ons and Speed ​​Mode

UC Browser supports many add-ons. Add-ons are called those,which you add to UC Browser so you can activate even more features. This is a very popular addon AdBlocker included in the addon, so that you can take advantage of a great web surfing by removing ads showing on websites. Speed ​​Mode resembles some cloud boost technology so that slow internet users can easily open websites, in less time.

So these were some of the features of UC Browser that make it optimized for extreme web browsers. UC Browser is available for every single device. You can download it for any device .

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